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TRIP #15 – Guatemala 2014

by Melinda Handler



The recently completed trip to Guatemala was my fifteenth trip with Surgicorps since 2000. As a volunteer, I have traveled to faraway lands experiencing a wide variety of unique cultures, customs and religions. Each country — from Brazil to Bhutan, Ethiopia to India – provided me a glimpse into the lives of its beautiful people. Guatemala was no exception!

We met many courageous individuals; full of hope and desire to make their daily life more manageable by relieving pain and suffering through surgery. Our group interacted regularly with our patients. They wished for the same level of care and respect we have come to know here at home and they are deserving, regardless of circumstances. The Surgicorps team successfully completed nearly 100 operations, free of charge.

We worked tirelessly side by side with Guatemalan hospital staff and volunteers from the community. Language was a challenge but easily overcome with a gentle smile or a hearty handshake; relationships were established and friendships formed. Together, through commitment and dedication and in the name of care and compassion, we crossed borders and broke barriers.

I left this mission trip to Guatemala as I have all the others: with belief in the great human spirit and rewarded by the knowledge that I helped Surgicorps make a difference in the lives of many!

Watch a video of our trip (below) created by Surgicorps volunteer, Dylan Butt, or view photos in Surgicorps’ Guatemala 2014 Facebook album


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