Ruth's Story

Accidents happen, sometimes catastrophic, but most of us are only a car ride away from a hospital or trusted doctor. Someone like Ruth didn’t have those choices – that was until Surgicorps made their 5th trip to Zambia this September.

When Ruth was three months old, she was sleeping soundly under her mosquito net. A nearby candle connected with the mosquito net and it caught fire. When Ruth’s mother Elizabeth saw what happened, she screamed for help and a stranger ran into their house to save little Ruth. Ruth sustained burns on her head and her right hand, resulting in a dramatic deformity to her hand and fingers and loss of nearly all of the skin on the top of her scalp.

This September, five years after the accident, our team was able to begin the healing for Ruth. Our surgeons completed a series of dressing changes and began the delicate process of reconstructing her hand, a process that will require additional surgery when we return next year.

In the words of one of our volunteers… Ruth is a child that I will never forget – mostly for her bravery when dealing with her condition and the pain she felt. She’s special.

Ruth is one of the hundreds of people we have helped this year – people who would go untreated without the help of our dedicated volunteers and supporters. Together we can offer a hopeful future for people like Ruth.

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