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Surgicorps International provides free surgical and medical care to people in need in developing countries.

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Feb 16-23, Samoa, Completed
March 23-April 2, Bhutan, Completed
August 3-10, Guatemala, Completed
September 14-21, Zambia, Completed
October 26-November 5, Vietnam, Completed


Feb 8-15, Samoa, Open
March 21-31, Bhutan, Open
August 1-8, Guatemala, Open
September 19-26, Zambia, Open
October 24-November 3, Vietnam, Open

Recent News

  • Zambia 2019

  • Surgicorps International – Zambia 2019 – by Denis Childs, CRNA

    Hmmmm. Where do I begin? Sitting down and writing about my experience in Zambia is proving to be the most difficult part of my Zambia mission because every keystroke, sentence, and paragraph ends up falling short of the actual experience. Simply put, and at the risk of sounding cliche, participating in this mission was one […]Read More

    Surgicorps International is preparing for its 17th trip to Vietnam from October 26th-November 5th. This will be our final trip of 2019. Surgicorps will return to the Ho Chi Minh City Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital. This hospital has made it possible for Surgicorps to expand its specialty services in HCM to include hand surgery for […]Read More
  • Surgicorps Guatemala 2019: Seamless Humanitarian Integration – In the words of team member, Patricia Ferrer, PA-C

    Being part of the Surgicorps International 2019 Guatemala team felt like being with my family. We are a group of medical professionals sharing a common goal: to care for those without access to surgical and medical healthcare. Without knowing anyone on the team it seems we all knew each other, found our positions, and got […]Read More

    Surgicorps Zambia 2019 Team departs on September 14th and returns on the 21nd with 20 medical and non-medical team members. We look forward to partnering again with Beit CURE International Children’s Hospital in Lusaka. Our team members hail from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona,  Minnesota, and Ohio. Our returning volunteers include Heather Archambeault, Diane Bremer, Tara […]Read More

    Surgicorps is preparing for our 17th trip to Guatemala from August 3th-10th with a team of 36 dedicated medical and non-medical volunteers. Our team this year includes: 10 members from Pennsylvania, 24 from other states, 1 from Canada and 1 from Costa Rica. Surgicorps looks forward to working with hospital staff at the Obras Sociales […]Read More
  • Surgicorps’ 25th Anniversary…in the words of our country partners:

    Zambia What can I say? We have been working with surgicorps for many years now, I have to count my collection of Tshirts to find our how many trips you guys did to Zambia. We fell in love with you at first sight, we loved the team, we loved the passion, the attitude towards the […]Read More
  • Looking back…celebrating Surgicorps’ 25th anniversary!

    In honor of Surgicorps International’s 25th anniversary celebration, volunteers have shared some memorable moments and thoughts here: “This donation in honor of my daughter has it’s roots in Surgicorps that planted the fertile seed waiting to grow in my daughter, Charlotte’s, heart. As a mother I was able to see the seed germinate on her […]Read More
  • 13th Surgicorps Mission to Bhutan: Why We Do it! In the words of Merelise O’Connor

    The 13th surgical mission to Bhutan resulted in 118 patients being screened and 60 people receiving surgery.  In addition, 168 people received knee injections to ease hard-working, arthritic joints.  Bhutan is truly a magical, mythical place and the Bhutanese are quiet, humble and lovely people.  To be involved in this work is moving, gratifying and […]Read More
  • Samoa 2019: In the words of volunteer Margaret Mallady

    I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of the second Samoan mission. As a first time member of a Surgicorps team, I didn’t know what it would be like. While on the final leg of my journey there, the plane full of Samoan travelers had a relaxed, chatty vibe that […]Read More

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