Guatemala 2010, Katie Babin & Rita DeFrancesco

Rita DeFrancesco and Katie Babin shared the same operating room (general surgery) this August in Guatemala, but how they came to be there – well, those are two different stories.

Rita was making her 13th trip, Katie her 1st.

Rita lives in Pittsburgh, close enough to visit the Surgicorps office and warehouse regularly. Katie lives in Michigan and found Surgicorps on an internet search.

But thrown together, they make an efficient and dedicated team.

Rita has worked with Surgicorps teams in Brazil, Paraguay, Nepal, Vietnam, Africa, Bhutan and Guatemala.
She has been awed by the beauty of the land in Nepal and the tranquility of the people and the country of Bhutan.

She has been impressed by the paradox of the poverty of the people and the richness of the land in Africa.
A veteran of so many trips, she finds it comforting to know, “I can still contribute in a meaningful way and survive the rigors of a Surgicorps trip.”

Indeed, she can.

“Divine intervention.” That’s how Katie describes her opportunity to join a Surgicorps mission. She had signed on, and was trying to figure out how to finance her trip, when she received an unsolicited check in the mail from her brother.

Divine intervention, indeed.

Of her co-workers in the operating room, Katie felt, “People were volunteering their time and efforts, and what made it so special was that we all wanted to be there – in another country for no money.”

“But I received something so much more valuable. I got to work with people who were generous and dedicated to serving others. I got to see people who were genuine when they said, “God will bless you.”

In Katie Babin’s words, “Thank you, Surgicorps International, for allowing me to join your family. I hope I will see you again soon.”

Katie and Rita, we at Surgicorps hope we see both of you again soon.

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