20th Anniversary Celebration

On June 14, 2014, the Fox Chapel Racquet Club was the scene of the first Pittsburgh Celebration of Surgicorps’ 20 years of providing medical and surgical services to those in need in developing countries.

Hosted by Jack and Cathy Demos, the lively and memorable evening, attended by more than 170 long-time supporters, volunteers and new friends, included a Silent Auction of one-of-a-kind mementos from Surgicorps’ travels and music by the Jazz3. It was a fundraising success with more than $100,000 raised to support upcoming mission trips.










Trip volunteers received special recognition among the attendees. To highlight their spirit, generosity and history with Surgicorps, volunteers decorated their nametags with flags from the countries they visited. There was no end to the reunions and new introductions inspired by their shared experiences.











Dr. Demos reminded the audience of the purpose of the evening by narrating a photographic retrospective of the past 20 years. It included the memorable faces and infectious smiles of patients, their families and the Surgicorps family; leaving a lasting impression on everyone in the room. The organization’s history and service tells a story of hope, relief and love. It goes well beyond the recipients of the 4,000 surgeries in 18 countries. The positive ripple reaches the families of patients and service personnel in hosting countries before it rebounds back to Surgicorps’ volunteers as the satisfaction of giving back.

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A heartfelt “Thank you” from the Surgicorps staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, and the communities that we serve.

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