Surgicorps is preparing to leave for its 9th trip to Bhutan from April 25-May 5, 2015! Our uniquely talented team members bring a wide range of skill sets and resources which help ensure each trip is a success. There are a total of 21 team members including 9 from Pittsburgh, PA, 11 from other cities/states and 1 from Canada.

This year we have a first time volunteer, local Pittsburgh artist Terry Boyd, who will be our artist in residence. You may read about Terry’s recent awards and visit his website here. We will be excited to share his work upon the teams return on Facebook and our website.

Willie Manteris and his dental team will once again be traveling into the rural areas of Bhutan administering much needed dental services and preventative education. In the last two trips to Bhutan, the dental team reached more than 1,000 in outlying villages and monasteries.

Two generations of Argentas will join the team as plastic surgeons. Anne, a returning Surgicorps volunteer and her father, Lou, who will make his first trip to Bhutan.

Cliff Bierman, Prema Krishnamurthy, Naomi Quillopa and Warren Schubert are the veteran Bhutan volunteers. Jonathan Ponte, a prior Surgicorps volunteer, will be making his first trip to Bhutan. Sheryl Lamb, a Surgicorps board member has joined 8 teams. Surgicorps founder, Jack Demos, will lead the medical team and Linda Esposto, Director of Programs and Logistics, will be making sure that everything goes as planned! It truly is a team effort!

The other team members are first time Surgicorps volunteers and include Stephanie Annis, Michael Best, Mary Bierman, Alena Curry, Hillel Kashtan, Robert Schemmer, Ginger Sturgeon and Chris and Darlene Yanakos. We are grateful to all the volunteers for their time and service!

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