Spotlight on Surgicorps International Bhutan 2016 team

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Surgicorps is preparing to leave for the 2nd Annual Sarah Pettrone Memorial Trip, which will be our 10th visit to Bhutan from April 22-May 3, 2016. Our team members bring a vast amount of talent and resources on each trip to help us change the lives of many. There are a total of 16 team members including 9 from Pennsylvania and 7 from other states.

Michele Misher-Harris, Cliff and Mary Bierman along with Naomi Quillopa and Warren Schubert, Ron Stiller and James Fleck are the veteran Bhutan volunteers. Mike Brett, DeNese Olson, Sara Reardon, and Charles Yang will join us on their first trip to Bhutan. Surgicorps founder, Jack Demos, will lead the medical team and Linda Esposto, Director of Programs and Logistics, will ensure a successful trip for all.

The other team members are first time Surgicorps volunteers and include Donald Laub, Maggie Mangham, and Alexander Preus. We look forward to once again serving our friends in Bhutan. Please follow us on social media for trip updates and pictures.

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