Surgicorps will embark on the 3rd Annual Sarah Pettrone Memorial Trip, which will be our 11th visit to Bhutan from April 22-May 2, 2017. There are a total of 21 talented team members including 10 from Pennsylvania and 11 from other states.

There are 15 veteran Surgicorps volunteers. Anne Argenta, Sheryl Lamb, Donald Laub, Maggie Mangham, Naomi Quillopa, Warren Schubert, Ron Stiller and Charles Yang. First-timers include: Andrew Berenato, Agnus Berenato, Olivia Cimba and Rama Joshi. Surgicorps founder, Jack Demos, will be the Medical Director; staff member Liam Carstens and volunteer Mary Bernacki will serve as Trip Coordinators.

We are pleased to welcome Ryan Bradley, Jessica Cassavaugh, Marina Carmody, Karen Gallagher, Merelise O’Connor and Matt Recker to their first Surgicorps trip. We look forward to once again serving our friends in Bhutan. Please follow us on social media for trip updates and pictures.

Safe travels Team Bhutan!

17 Bhutan Country 1
17 Bhutan Country 2
17 Bhutan Country 3
17 Bhutan Country 4
17 Bhutan Country 5
17 Bhutan Or 1
17 Bhutan Or 2
17 Bhutan Or 3
17 Bhutan Or 4
17 Bhutan Or 5
17 Bhutan Patient 1
17 Bhutan Patient 2
17 Bhutan Patient 3
17 Bhutan Patient 4
17 Bhutan Patient 5
17 Bhutan Team Photo

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