Surgicorps Experience – Kazakhstan 2018 by Dr. Ron Stiller

The Surgicorps experience—what is it like for me? We recently returned from the Republic of Kazakhstan where Surgicorps staff provided the usual surgical interventions including plastic surgery, burn scar release, cleft lip and palate repair as well as a procedure new to the host country, prosthetic ear insertion, which was a wonderful learning opportunity for local health care providers.

For me the Surgicorps experience is somewhat different, not quite so glamorous. You see, I’m not a surgeon. I don’t perform any of the life changing improvements in our patients’ appearance and function. My role is a bit more mundane but, to my view, equally rewarding. I care for the patients after surgery. I get to see them when all the drapes are off and the surgical corrections have been performed. I often get to see the parents faces when they see their children for the first time with their new “look”.

When patients awaken from surgery, they are often still intubated, frightened, especially the little ones, and in pain. My role is to assess the patients, help get the breathing tubes out at the appropriate time, monitor for post op problems should they arise, and to assist with pain control. But the best part of what I do is to comfort the patients, reassuring them despite the language barrier. It’s also rewarding to work with, and from time to time teach, the local nursing staff. I made some friends in the PACU this year!

We travel with Surgicorps to offer medical services that are unavailable to those in need. We also travel to see the sights and sounds of another country, to learn about other cultures, the uniqueness and beauty of other people. Providing health care to these people allows us the privilege of a deeper, more revealing look into the people and their culture. We smile and say hello as best we can but, more importantly, we are remembered for what we have done to improve lives one at a time. That’s why I keep traveling with Surgicorps.

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