Looking back…celebrating Surgicorps’ 25th anniversary!

In honor of Surgicorps International’s 25th anniversary celebration, volunteers have shared some memorable moments and thoughts here:

“This donation in honor of my daughter has it’s roots in Surgicorps that planted the fertile seed waiting to grow in my daughter, Charlotte’s, heart. As a mother I was able to see the seed germinate on her Surgicorps trip as we traveled together to Guatemala. My husband and I watered that seed with support in many tangible and intangible ways. Today she is an ophthalmology resident pursuing dreams of preserving vision. Thank you Surgicorps and esp Jack Demos, MD.” ~ Surgicorps Volunteer

Here are some photos of other volunteers on trips!

Dr. Michele – Misher Harris with patients in Vietnam in the above photo and below with Dr. Janet Belitsky in Zambia.

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