Surgicorps International is preparing for its 17th trip to Vietnam from October 26th-November 5th. This will be our final trip of 2019.

Surgicorps will return to the Ho Chi Minh City Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital. This hospital has made it possible for Surgicorps to expand its specialty services in HCM to include hand surgery for the 2nd year.

Our 28 team members hail from California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania. Return team members include Neal Armagost, Thanh Armagost, Tu Armagost, Cathy Beatty, Mary Bernacki, Donna Bookwalter, Bill Bookwalter, Joanie Dunn, Elise Dunn, David Kim, Guy Leone, Kim Leone, Richard Montilla, Bernadette Montilla, DeNese Olson, Scott Pearson, Karen Pitbladdo and Ron Stiller.

We welcome several new team members this year as well:  Donna Biersack, Susan DeGregorio, Scott Licata, Michael Nussbaum, Kate Petty, Tom Taylor, Dakota Wheeler and Nick Yoakum.

Jack Demos will lead the team as Medical Director and Linda Esposto will ensure things run smoothly on all fronts as our Trip Coordinator.

Best wishes team Vietnam 2019 as you set out to improve many lives. Stay tuned and follow us, for trip updates and pictures, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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