“When I stop and think about the past year and how rough it has been for all of us, my thoughts always turn quickly to Surgicorps and the kids around the world who are waiting for our return. When I think of all of the things we have missed this year, I think of them and how they have missed us. Traveling with our Surgicorps family is a very big part of our life, and even though the travel is difficult sometimes and the days are long, we miss it tremendously. We miss the feeling of giving, the friendship and love we receive from the the patients, hospital staff and families. We pray for their health and safety, as well as for our entire Surgicorps family. We miss you all, but we know that our love and friendships will survive this crisis and we look forward to seeing you in the new year. Stay safe, be well.” ~ Donna and Bill Bookwalter

“Each year for ten years I’ve had a new adventure with Surgicorps. Each time I travel with this group of dedicated, funny, eclectic people the magic begins and my heart grows ten times for a week. But not in 2020. It seems nothing went right this year. I deeply worried about the spread of COVID in the horrifically poor and crowded communities I have been so honored to serve. They in turn are worried about us. My friends in Zambia shared mask making patterns, so we could try to get faces covered when PPE was so scarce. The mothers of children I worked with sent messages to be sure we are not ill, eager for us to return. And when I lost my own mother to the virus, the outpouring of love I received from my Surgicorps family-not just from the US team, but from doctors, nurses, therapists and the parents of patients from all over the world had me in an endless stream of tears. Surgicorps has a quote “You have not had a perfect day until you have done something for someone else who can never repay you”. And then they do… We get far more than we give. My mother loved hearing of my adventures. She beamed with joy seeing pictures of her old skirts made of the finest cotton from Liberty of London upcycled into dresses for little girls all over the world. She taught me the value of giving time and energy to better human lives. She taught me that each and every person on the face of the earth is deserving of respect and kindness, and that ultimately all people are the same. Her spirit lives on in me, and I hope to spread it to others everywhere I go. Surgicorps is my chance to do that. With a little luck we will be back to traveling soon. “~ Betty Hearne

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