After a very difficult year for a lot of people around the world, I feel so grateful to say that “We Are Back!”, doing what we do best, helping people.

This was my second mission to Antigua, Guatemala.  A lot of things were different because of the pandemic.  We traveled with a small but very capable team and, in a way, I feel that made the trip special.  We were able to spend more time together as a team and connect.

I was so happy to see Dr. Kim, Dr. Hardart, Beth, Dr. Brian, Dr. Cliff, Stephanie and Mary, all of whom were on my first mission, along with all the staff from the hospital.  I also had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people like Dr. Arcand, Dr. Aldelowo, Dr. Shiv, Cathie, Dakota, Zach-o and Heather.  I learned so much from each of them and it was a thrill to work alongside people so compassionate and caring.  

I enjoyed every moment of this trip.  As the teams unofficial translator I had the unique pleasure of communicating intimately with the patients and their families.  Nothing brings me more happiness than when we get to speak to the family after a successful surgery and let them know that everything is going to be OK.  I was humbled by our patient’s courage, strength and gratitude.  It was an honor to help them.  

Thank you so much to Dr. Demos, Dr. Kim, Stephanie, Linda, Denese and all the volunteer team for your hard work, for making this happen and for opening the doors to this amazing family to me.

Muchas gracias por toda la colaboración y apoyo de Anabel, Dalia, Nico y a todo el equipo del Hospital Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro en Antigua, Guatemala.

With love,

Sasha Suárez Ferreira,

Medical Student,

Costa Rica.

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