Our Surgicorps Family has lost yet another shining light in the world of philanthropy and humanitarianism………we’re beyond saddened to announce the passing of Melinda Handler on October 14, 2021 after a futile 3 month battle with cancer.

Melinda was a Flight Attendant for years with Northwest Airlines, subsequently a Delta employee following the merger of those carriers. She was introduced to Surgicorps in 1996, her first trip to Natal, Brazil. She shortly thereafter followed that mission with trips to Nepal, Tanzania, Vietnam, Guatemala, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mexico, Kazakhstan and finally Kenya. To say that she “loved our Kool Aid” so-to-speak was an understatement!

But Melinda brought more than dedication and commitment to Surgicorps…….only 56 years old, she was special to so many of us in any numbers of ways——a friend and companion in times of need, a constant Smile no matter the circumstances, so much energy and enthusiasm. She brought a certain sense of calm and compassion to any venue she entered. Never a word of anger, never a word spoken in haste, always in control and always willing to listen and to help. She was a gentle soul, an individual interested in you and your opinion, regardless of what it was. She loved our mission and work, and took great pride in being an integral part of an organization that gave her the opportunity to assist in the care of those in need.

Melinda, you will always have a place in our hearts as we travel the world changing lives one surgery at a time.

Linda, Jack and the entire Surgicorps International Family

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