Since 1994, Surgicorps International has performed more than 3,000 life-changing surgeries in 16 countries.

Surgicorp volunteers

The team of Surgicorps volunteers during the Medical Mission Trip to Vietnam in 2008.

Surgicorps International travels the world to provide free surgical and medical care to disadvantaged individuals in developing countries. Patients in these countries lack access to the most basic health care including specialty reconstructive surgery for the treatment of cleft lips and palates, severe burn scar deformities, and any number of acquired or congenital defects. In many of these countries, patients must travel by foot for hours — sometimes days — to get medical attention. Children with congenital deformities are often denied access to education, are subject to peer ridicule, and present a social and financial burden on a family already struggling for existence.

For its patients of all ages and in every country, Surgicorps International aspires to:

Our goals and aspirations are nothing more than parents in any country would want for their children or themselves — an active life, with the ability to earn a living and pursue their dreams.

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Team Biographies

Jack Demos

Jack E. Demos, MD


In 1994, Jack created Surgicorps International as a way to help those less fortunate and provide opportunities for others to do so. Jack’s first medical mission experience was in the early 90′s when he accompanied a colleague the Philippines. Now after more than 40 trips, he continues to connect with facilities in new countries, lead teams of dedicated volunteers and gain personal gratitude for giving back.

A graduate of University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Jack completed his General Surgery Residency at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, MA, and his Plastic Surgery Residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. He has been Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for more than 25 years.

Linda Esposto

Linda Esposto

Executive Director

In 2004, Linda joined the Jack E. Demos medical practice as Practice Administrator. She became involved with Surgicorps and currently is responsible for the everyday operations, and coordination of each mission trip. Linda focuses on trip logistics and volunteer recruitment and training. According to Jack, she is the “Can-Do” Queen for Surgicorps as she routinely choreographs medical mission to the delight of volunteers, patients and host facilities.

Linda is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to working with Jack, she was the Chief Corporate Officer with a regional Rehabilitation Services corporation.